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Welcome to Pamela Vona's website - Pamela Vona

Welcome to the website of Pamela Vona!  


Author and Researcher specialized in the fields of Spirituality

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 In this site, you will find information on Pamela Vona´s activities. Investigate what she does and especially what she can do for you.


 This site will allow you to know her and to enter at any time in contact with her or her staff for more information.


 As a fervent Christian, in the past Pamela could not admit the existence of past and future lives. Her spiritual journey, time and experiences have taken her far away... closer and closer to a wider awareness, where all religions are only one. This religion, the true Love, is at disposal of every single person.


 Pamela always says that humanity lives and tells emotions in different languages. The Heart speaks only one universal language, the only one that we all need to learn really. And Love is the way that the Universe use to heal people.


 Pamela and his family directly lived the terrifying tsunami of 2004 in Sri Lanka. This frightening experience has opened their eyes to the deep Meaning of Life. Pamela herself had to deal with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and the holistic approach was the best way to overcome them. Two big gift have been given by the Universe to her through the tsunami: the survival of her entire family and the tremendous increase of her healing capacity, already present in her since her birth.


 When everyone discovers the power of words, breath, meditation and energy, we witness a huge change in the world.

 In June 2010, Pamela Vona decided to suspend her frantic activities for a couple of years in order to dedicate herself to her family, her studies, and the demanding work of research. Afterwards, she has made a return by donating the fruits of her several discoveries. She received numerous awards. She is sharing her knowledge through her seminars, workshops, conferences, books, training courses and so on.


 A very important remark:

 Regarding Past Life Regressions, technically it does not matter at all whether or not you believe in the possibility of reincarnation. Countless proofs of its existence are produced daily all over the world. Despite that, with the current knowledge, according to strict scientific rules, we can not be sure if reincarnation exists or not. Scientists and researchers involved in this field are deeply and seriously engaging a daily, intensive research.


 The techniques in Past Life Regression work, regardless of any personal beliefs. And this is quantum satis, because the real interest of naturopaths and holistic practitioners is the welfare of the person. The result is what counts.


 Pamela Vona believes that no one method is better than another but that there are more advanced techniques, in line with past quantum leaps, and therefore more effective than others.


 A total union and cooperation among practitioners will contribute to a great world evolution. We need to work together studying new disciplines for a better future for the whole human race.

 Come back soon on this website to see news and events or to ask questions!

 To study certain topics does not mean believing a priori; means, on the contrary, to investigate, to understand, to know, thus giving to ourselves the possibility to express our opinions with true knowledge.



 - Pamela Vona
Pamela Vona

Pamela Vona