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Scientific Research on Past Lives and Trainings.

Scientific Research on Past Lives and Trainings. - Pamela Vona

Welcome to our PLR Research Institute.

We are dedicated to scientific research, experimental investigation on past lives and past life therapies and trainings. 

Our PLR Research Institute is specialized in Past Life Regression, Regression Therapy, Regression Techniques, Life Between Lives Regression and Hypnosis training in Europe, Asia, United States, Australia and New Zealand. The techniques work on all energetic levels – mind, body and soul.

Our current areas of research are focused on Children's past lives and on the measurable effects of past life therapies on psychological and physical conditions.

If you have had a past life experience and would like to participate in our Studies, send us an e-mail message. 

Ongoing Studies.

Conferences and Retreats.


Pamela Vona

Pamela Vona